The construction of the gondola continues

Gondola Zlatibor

Source: Gold Gondola

Works on the construction of Gold gondola Zlatibor, raising 19 pillars from the starting station in the center of the tourist center to the interstice on Ribničko jezero, are in progress. This is the third building permit for the capital project of the Municipality of Čajetina, worth 13 million euros.

The works are performed by a consortium selected on the tender, consisting of: "Jedinstvo" from Užice, "Hidromontaza" and "Elkoms" from Belgrade and "Amiga" from Kraljevo, with the supervision of French experts from the company "Pomagalski".

The value of the works at this stage of construction of the longest panoramic gondola in the world about nine kilometers is about 45 million dinars, and the complete equipment is inspected, separated and ready for installation.

Director of the "Gold Gondola Zlatibor" Pipeline Bojana Bozanic says that the license for this phase of work was received in mid-September and emphasizes that the cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, which came to their maximum, was very good.

It is expected that in accordance with the dynamic plan, works on the construction of 19 pillars will be completed by the end of this construction season.

When it comes to the remaining phases, especially the construction of pillars from the interstellar to the top of Tornik, it is expected that the license will be issued by the end of the year. It remains that the Administrative Court and the Republic Geodetic Authority complete the regular procedures with which they have been delayed, for the past several years, with the intention.

However, in the "Gold Gondola Zlatibor" JP, they expect that the first passengers will take the gondola from the center of Zlatibor to the top of Tornik next year.

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